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What is antiviral ceramic like?

What is Antiviral Ceramic Like? | Mister Gres

Antiviral ceramic is an excellent type of porcelain stoneware ceramic made for those who like to have a clean environment free of bacterial agents: it is Anti-pollutant, antibacterial and antiviral. Born in the Italcer Spa factories, advance antiviral ceramic is an innovative latest generation product that helps purify the air we breathe in an environment, whether it is the bathroom, kitchen or bedroom. It has been shown that this new type of antiviral ceramic kills over 99% of bacteria present in the environment in which it is installed, in addition to atmospheric pollutants. Furthermore, the antiviral ceramic guarantees continuous protection, 24 hours a day, with and without sunlight. Finally, as regards efficacy, the antiviral ceramic guarantees eternal efficacy thanks to the technology used for its development.

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